Khaadi breaks all stereotypes by featuring a ‘plus-size’ model in their latest campaign

The media representation for dark skin-toned and chubby women is little to none in Pakistan. With this, curvy ladies have very few options when they decide on shopping, and they continue to struggle with the selection of clothes.

However, it seems like the brands are finally taking a step forward. One of Pakistan’s most well-known Eastern clothing brands, Khaadi, broke all stereotypes by featuring a plus-sized model, which is not commonly seen in the country. It was about time that the clothing brands realized the need to have options for all body types.

Instead of creating a separate clothing line for the curvier women, the brand expanded its sizing options in the current lines to help women wear whatever they like without lacking options.

Expanding their range size from 6 to 18, Khaadi’s thoughtful and progressive step is truly admirable. The public appreciates the brand and hopes that the other clothing brands also follow Khaadi’s steps.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Mrs Shakeel Alam says:

    Pleased to see a healthy trend

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