Body-shaming culture in desi parlors: why it NEEDS TO stop

You step into a beauty parlor, wanting to change your look and make yourself feel confident. Be it a haircut, a facial, or a hair-dye; we always go to a parlor, thinking we will return with positivity and higher self-esteem. However, one toxic culture that remains persistent in desi parlors is the staff’s love to body-shame each and every client. Doesn’t matter if you’re there for eyebrows, you always get an unnecessary opinion on your body, weight, skincolor and sometimes even the length of your hair.

Body shaming in the parlor

Admit it; we all have been there when the parlor ladies have criticized how our last hair-cut was done (if from any other salon), or how rough our skin is getting, and more. One favorite topic of these ladies that they feel delighted to pick up on and exaggerate is bodyweight.

Things like, ‘you have gained a lot’ or ‘Omg, what did you do to yourself? You look so fat’, etc. are commonly heard from the mouth of the same workers whom you supposedly visit to feel good about yourself or because you wanted a change. Such irrational comments are given to an individual by these parlor aunties in front of everyone. Trust me; we understand how you feel, the urge to shrink in your chair and disappear because of the embarrassment.

Imagine having a great day and visiting a salon just to treat yourself, but instead meeting people who ‘scan’ you from head to toe with eyes filled with negativity and judgment. Horrific, isn’t it?

Why this culture needs to end

Firstly, such an attitude coming from these aunties/workers is highly unprofessional. They primarily love to tell you about the flaws that the last parlor you visited has given you to make theirs look superior and to attract customers. And honestly, comment on other parlors all you want but it gets really derogatory when they attack you personally, and you become the topic of discussion. Be it about your looks or your body. No one has the right to do it.

A salon or a beauty parlor should aim at making you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. Still, unfortunately, our DESI SALONS don’t understand that and rather stick to their toxic nature. Instead of focusing on the work they are assigned to do and telling the customers what will stand out with their features and facial cuts, they like to jump on the criticism train.

What seems to be an amusement for these ladies, who get something temporary to laugh at, is shattering for many. They fail to understand how these remarks can make someone feel bad about themselves and hence, THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

Perfection is unattainable. But nothing gives one the right to make any other person feel miserable about themself. The parlor and salons should really train these people to deal professionally and appropriately with their customers. They don’t consider this the need and hence don’t focus on teaching their workers some ethics and code of conduct that is desperately needed. Honestly, how hard is it to keep your unsolicited opinion about someone else to yourself? We think its really easy.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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