5 magic words that will repair your broken relationship with your body

“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

I am 23 years and 7 months old. However, if I speak about my struggle with my body image and confidence, it is just as old. I have seen it all. I have received compliments and I have received hate. I have fed on junk food and I have starved myself. I have surrendered to my comfort foods and I have held myself from the bliss of them. I have fit in smalls and XLs. But one thing is for sure, I was not happy. Not even one of these phases.

& this exactly where the issue lies.

”You are enough”- trust me, unless you are not willing to tell that to yourself, the entire world shouting it won’t make a difference. Your performance at the job, your attitude towards the challenges in your life and even your energy towards your relationships is a reflection of your bond with yourself.

But I get it. Easier said than done. When that phase takes over, you just cannot fight it. But today, I share my secret recipe. The 5 magic words that will repair your broken relationship with your body!


Repeat it, inside your head, again and again. As I said, for people to accept you and see you as a complete person, the first step is to certainly tell yourself that you are enough.

You have hated yourself for years. Did it change anything? Certainly not! Let’s try loving and accepting, you know, just for a change?


For you to truly believe in it, you need to unlearn the learnt, and then relearn. Cultural messaging has ascribed the value of person based on how they look. You need to ditch that notion by first establishing the facts for yourself and believing that ”all bodies are good”.

By believing ang living by that, you will find peace with it yourself and at the same time, shutting down the idea that some bodies are better than the others.


Redefining the set standards of beauty, is perhaps, most crucial. You are not at peace with how you look because you think you are not ‘beautiful’. You think you are not beautiful because beauty is linked to thinner waists. And beauty is linked to thinner waists because this is how society ‘defines’ it for you.

You need to redefine it for yourself. You don’t need to hate those who believe it to be linked with your physical appearance, you just need to make terms with your definition of it and settle for the ‘difference of opinion.’


“Even though I have a problem with ________, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Say the affirmations to yourself in the mirror and they will slowly start penetrating in your subconscious mind even if you don’t immediately believe what you are saying.

Don’t play your part in further strengthening the stigma by saying things that are negative and critical. Stay positive, say positive, and it will make a difference!


Your body is just like your soul. It is an instrument, not an ‘ornament’. Rather than calling body types as zero-size, plus-size..refer to them with more resilient and positive terms like “strong,” “fast,” and “impressive”.

You will be surprised by how this little change will alter your entire attitude towards yourself. It is not your job to be ‘pretty’ or ‘thin’, but it is an obligation to accept yourself to feel valued.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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