Best Under Rs. 500 Beauty Products Every Pakistani Woman Should Own!

Makeup is an expensive addiction – that’s what they all say. But contrary to the lie sold to us to keep big fishes big, I personally believe that it all lies in how you use it. You don’t need luxury makeup for a luxurious look. You do not need to break your bank for a high-end experience – and this is exactly what we are going to discuss today.

I am a makeup hoarder, no jokes. I have tried a tonne of options across the spectrum, from extremely cheap to super pricy. And one thing I can say for sure is that you can literally – LITERALLY – find dupes of majority if high-end products in the local market (we will talk about dupes in another blog).

Today, we talk about 5 beauty products UNDER 500 that every woman should own (a little spoiler – most of the stuff here is Miniso and Ximiso *guilty*). So here are a few products that will come handy particularly in the upcoming Shaadi season.

Let’s just dive in!

1- Ximiso (XimiVogue) Blotting Paper

Mine is a little ripped hehe but yeah we can look past it. I realized the importance of blotting paper this summer when my skin was producing more oil than the UAE in the T-zone. So particularly during the events, it really annoyed me as the makeup kept breaking down and the touchups did not look that flattering either.

I do not have oily skin so the crisis was fairly new for me. I picked up Boscia’s Green Tea Blotting Linens and really enjoyed them. They cost me somewhat around 2200 for 100 sheets.

BUT I found an exact dupe at Ximi Vogue – for – guess what? Rs. 150! You get 100 sheets for less than Rs. 200, and they are just as good! They can be a good friend when you are traveling during weddings or at university to take off the excess oil.

2- Dodo Girl – Blush Palette

I picked this one up randomly because I liked the shade range. It reminded me a lot of my Tarte blush palette or my Alamar blush palette – except the price tag.

You get four shades in quite a decent pan size in Rs. 400 only! The colors are pretty versatile, staying power is good, it blends really well and the pigmentation can easily be compared to any high-end brand.

However, my favorite part about this is that despite the price tag, it does not have that typical cosmetic scent. Overall, if you are looking for a good quality blush at a low price point, you will definitely like it!

3- Miniso Perfect Skin Lip Color – Pale Mauve

Remember the time when Nars came out with those luxurious lipsticks with lovely packaging and magnetic closure? This kind of reminds me of that. Apart from the formula and color, what I liked the most is the packaging, at this price tag!

It is a satin finish. You do get a range of colors to choose from and quite a luxurious experience overall. It costs somewhat around 400 but I got it for Rs. 110 on sale! Yep, a treat!

4- Ximiso Nail Paints

XimiVogue has the best nail paints and worst nail polish remover! This, safely, is one of the best formulas I have ever used! It can truly survive the hurricanes. You’d personally love this one for weddings when you have consecutive events and you do not want the hassle to touch up every day.

The formula is long-wearing and actually stays even without a topcoat. The best part, apart from the price tag, is that you literally need one swipe for full opacity. What more can you ask for at a price tag of Rs. 140?

5- Miniso Portable Perfume 2 Juicy Peach:

A very cute, fun little product! As the name says, it is portable and your handbag-friendly. If you are into sweet scents, you will particularly L.O.V.E this one.

The notes of the entire portable perfume series are quite luxurious and soft. I instantly loved this one because it is perfect to carry around & apply throughout the day and also because I am particularly inclined towards sweeter scents.

If you are a perfume hoarder, you definitely need to check these out. They have great staying power on my skin and costs is only a Rs. 500 damage to your wallet – ONLY.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful. What more suggestions do you have for us? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Aliya says:

    Kindly also tell me about choosing a right foundation (liquid or any other type for oily skin) I know nothing about base and foundation šŸ™

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