Beaten And Called ‘Prostitute’ By Her Own Mother – Hina Altaf Shares Disturbing Details About Her Past

Hina Altaf is one of the most fresh, glimmering and energetic assets that the Pakistani media industry has. With her dominating confidence, she definitely stands out in the room.

However, past hasn’t been very kind to the Udaari superstar as she shares it. Few months back, Hina uploaded a picture on her Instagram on the occasion of Mother’s Day that left everyone quite confused.

She said that while everyone shares precious moments with their mothers on the day, she will be sharing with her tattoo – that said ‘Alam’


However, in a recent episode of ‘Remind with Samina’, Hina opened up about her harrowing past with the veteran actress Samina Peerzada.

She said that she longed for love and support from her family, who completely withdrew their comfort after she joined acting. Hina said that her mother struggled with mental health, so she would brutally beat her, leaving her bruised.

It was evident from the actress’s discomfort how hard it was for her to share all this, let alone facing it. Home is the most reliable institution for a person, however when your blood relations start to label you as ‘prostitute’ for pursuing your passion, a person is certain to break down. Hina’s story is no different but what the most upsetting part about it is that her own mother was her abuser.

She said there were days when she would reach the shoot bruised, covering them and lying to people how she got them. Struggling immense depression, Hina decided to move out. On her journey to discovering herself, she met Doctor Alam – her messiah.

Hina said that when her own blood relationships turned their faces away from her, Doctor Alam was the only home she knew. Slowly treating her depression and improving her mental illness, Hina owes where she stands today to none other than her doctor. Here is what Hina shared about her past:

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