105 Years Old Woman Reveals Secret To Long Life: Hard Work And Avoiding Men

Blowing candles for 105th birthday as one of the oldest women alive, Brenda Osborne said she is disappointed that the Queen didn’t come to her birthday.

Making the headlines for her elite humor and quality health even at such age, Brenda is a retired war-time nurse who only took one day off due to sickness in her 33 years long career.

Brenda hails from Mansfield, Nottingham and spent 93 years of her life in her childhood home, before moving to a nursing home last year.

She started her professional career as a nurse in 1940 in Victoria Hospital, where she treated wounds of Dunkirk veterans. She was elevated to the position of assistant nurse in 1946 and then a senior nurse in the year 1953.

She now resides in Brookholme Croft Nursing Home in Hasland. The nursing home did an amazing job at throwing her a party, where she toasted her 105 with her loved ones.

On being asked how she maintained such good health and composure, Brenda revealed her secret saying the secret to her long-life is avoiding men. She says that ‘they aren’t worth the hassle’

“I would put my good health down to hard work and avoiding men” – Brenda said.

She further added that one should interact with nature and get some fresh air to keep the health on track. Brenda quite rigidly added that she wouldn’t have been where she is today if she had a husband.

She received a card from Queen wishing her on her glorious 105th birthday, but she was still unhappy saying that she could’ve at least paid her a visit – quite impressed to see the expectations!

“I received my letter from her but I thought an appearance was the least she could do.” – She says.

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Meet Sara Vazir: The Pioneer Of Unique ‘White Henna’

Pakistani women and their endless love affair with Mehendi need no explanation! Be it Eid, weddings or any festival – NOTHING is complete with stunning henna patterns on hands.

However, those of us (including me) who can’t do it themselves ‘must’ envy those who have excelled the art. Among them is the extremely talented Sara Vazir. Sara is a full-time mother who is pursuing her passion as well, but what sets her designs apart is that she invented these trendy-looking, revolutionary mehendi designs that went internationally viral as well.

Sara is the pioneer of ‘White Henna’ trend, giving a whole new diversity and dimension to contemporary designs. Just to get a brief glimpse of what the extraordinary Sara is capable of, here are few of her designs to mesmerize you.

Sara says that her love for mehendi is deep rooted in her appreciation and fascination for different cultures. Seeing her mother brilliantly draw the henna tattoos and trying it herself since a tender age of seven, Sara says her experience has shaped her perceptions and personality today.

White Henna isn’t a natural form of henna and is termed like that because of its usage. It is artificially created by using FDA approved ingredients like body paints and adhesives. The white henna takes about 10 minutes to apply and 5 minutes to dry. Having water-proof properties, it comes off when you rub your skin aggressively.


Sharing about her experience with a known blogging site, Sara shares that she can’t put into words what her passion means to her. She said that when the things hit the rock bottom, she puts even more effort in her work. Being mocked at an early age for her unique passion, she continued to pursue it and is proud of it.

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Beaten And Called ‘Prostitute’ By Her Own Mother – Hina Altaf Shares Disturbing Details About Her Past

Hina Altaf is one of the most fresh, glimmering and energetic assets that the Pakistani media industry has. With her dominating confidence, she definitely stands out in the room.

However, past hasn’t been very kind to the Udaari superstar as she shares it. Few months back, Hina uploaded a picture on her Instagram on the occasion of Mother’s Day that left everyone quite confused.

She said that while everyone shares precious moments with their mothers on the day, she will be sharing with her tattoo – that said ‘Alam’


However, in a recent episode of ‘Remind with Samina’, Hina opened up about her harrowing past with the veteran actress Samina Peerzada.

She said that she longed for love and support from her family, who completely withdrew their comfort after she joined acting. Hina said that her mother struggled with mental health, so she would brutally beat her, leaving her bruised.

It was evident from the actress’s discomfort how hard it was for her to share all this, let alone facing it. Home is the most reliable institution for a person, however when your blood relations start to label you as ‘prostitute’ for pursuing your passion, a person is certain to break down. Hina’s story is no different but what the most upsetting part about it is that her own mother was her abuser.

She said there were days when she would reach the shoot bruised, covering them and lying to people how she got them. Struggling immense depression, Hina decided to move out. On her journey to discovering herself, she met Doctor Alam – her messiah.

Hina said that when her own blood relationships turned their faces away from her, Doctor Alam was the only home she knew. Slowly treating her depression and improving her mental illness, Hina owes where she stands today to none other than her doctor. Here is what Hina shared about her past:

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VIDEO 🎥 | See How You Can Lose Face Fat And Double Chin In A Week! 🏋️

If you have struggled with weight at some point or not, there is one thing majority of us have worried about – that double chin!

Seeing a woman secure in her skin, I mean secure in her ‘chin’ is quite a rare sight. This kind of explains the crazy contouring trend and crash water diets that have been going around for a while.  However without starving yourself, giving 15 minutes of your time daily can completely transform your face.

How? By face yoga!

Just like exercise meant for all the other parts of the body, there are specific yoga poses meant for your face as well to tone and relax the muscles.

With tightening your skin and giving an overall slimmer look, facial exercises also help to increase blood flow towards the face – assuring minimization of fine lines and promising youthful look. It will also reduce the blotchy and uneven skin, providing the look you have always ways in the most natural and harmless way.

If you have ever searched YouTube on the subject, you would’ve probably come across Parmita Katkar. Bollywood Diva has a series of videos available on her YouTube channel ‘Blush with me-Parmita’. She is known for sharing advanced exercises to tighten skin and giving skin a natural glow, that are even doable for beginners.

Parmita shared the secret to her absolutely chiselled jawline and high cheekbones. Not only her exercises are effective and her knowledge of fitness is commendable, she has a very articulate way of communicating it hence, it is neither tough to comprehend nor hard to follow.
Fitness guru shares six exercises that have benefitted her and are sure to benefit you as well as the people in her comments section also approve of them. Within a week, you will feel your face muscles tighten and that V-shape forming – TRIED AND TESTED! 

Interested to know how to do it? Here is an easy guide on how to achieve your dream facial structure:

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5 Times Mahira Khan Showed NO ONE Can Wear Saree Better Than Her! 👗

Whether you are a die-hard Mahira Khan or not, it is an unarguable fact that her style definitely stands out in the industry. Her grace accompanied by her perfectly balanced fashion choices and signature no-makeup look with her freckles showing through makes her unique, a one-off.

She is truly a fashion icon for all the newbies in the industry. However, though she perfectly slays everything, Mahira Khan and saree is an endless affair!

From her sarees to how she styles them is a major inspiration for fashion lovers. With that being said, if you are looking to add some stunning eastern wear in your wardrobe but are struggling to choose the combination and style, I bring you 5 times Mahira Khan dropped all jaws in the room.

Being an absolute eye-candy at Cannes 2018, Mahira Khan was a spot-light stealer in her soft pink saree. Paired with a dark backless blouse, the saree had beautiful silver detailing – presenting a perfect concoction simultaneously ideal for day and night wear. She chose to go with a braid (not a hair-styling choice we often see with saree) but can someone actually do it better than her? Um, no.

One can’t simply go wrong with the florals🌼!! Mahira chose fresh and floral, balanced by black, becoming an epitome of contrast inventiveness. Wearing her hair down in her signature look, no-makeup-makeup face with loads of mascara on her natural lashes paired with a fresh and fruity lip colour, the look is purely flawless. She chose electric blue heels to go with it – quite an ideal choice.

Mahira’s look here is a thorough contrivance of minimalist and fancy! Choosing the most romantic combination here, her blouse is plain simple – enhancing the saree as a whole. Without intervention from a third colour, both white and red are going together coherently. Styling with curly hair set on one side, prominent traditional jewellery, an eyeliner and red lip – she looks utterly ravishing!

Dreamy, easy to carry, ‘all print’ – you must have come across this one if you are a pinterest user. Smooth silk predominately white and black saree paired with a yellow blouse complimenting it well, this is an ideal choice for you are if you are not a fan of carrying heavy clothing. Going with these colours is always a safe choice since they flatter every skin tone.

We end the list with another white and red, but a completely new look! I mean Mahira is known for her versatility, isn’t she?
Blouse in dark shade worn with a shadow-work embroidery all-white saree, this has to be the most unique on the list. Styled with hair tied up, big statement trendy ear studs and natural makeup look, the saree stands out and is sure to make the heads turn towards you in the room!

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OPINION | Should We Start Calling ‘Black Collection’ As ‘Muharram Collection’ For Precision?

Muharram, regarded as a holy month for its association with the family of the Holy Prophet (saww) and the immortal sacrifice of Karbala, holds a sacred place for every Muslim.

However, with bringing the essence of sacrifice and humanity back, there is also a new recurring trend that we have been witnessing since past couple years – clothing brands and their new ‘collections’ at this time of the year.

From Azaadi collection on Independence Day to special discounts on Defence Day, it is quite evident that Pakistan’s flourishing clothing industry has learnt the art to capitalize on every major and minor opportunity.

If you remember how last year Maria B replica shared an image of a model, wearing an all-black suit, labelled as ‘Muharram Collection’ on the advertisement, set the internet on fire – you must also remember how it raised questions about the marketing tactics on moral grounds.

Also See: Clothing Brands Face Intense Backlash Over Their ‘Muharram’ Collection

However, this year, the trend is continued but under acceptable or lesser controversial names. Monochrome collection, Black and White collection, Pre-fall collection or Mid-season collection, the names may vary but there is one similarity among – all include black clothes.

Previously the brands used to launch new collections on festive and celebratory events but now apparently we are also seeing them on religiously sensitive events to target a specific segment of the customer base which wears black as a sign of mourning and protest.

Purchase definitely remains a personal choice and one can opt out for looking at them and move on. But the while these brands are where they are because of their customers, is it appropriate for them to be blinded to their sentiments when it can potentially offend them?

Leaving that on you to decide and share!

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Meet Miah Dhanani: Pakistani Child Model Who Is Making The Headlines At The Age Of 4

Pakistan can never run out of talent, quite literally!

With limited opportunities and little attention paid to other professions rather than the mainstream doctor and engineer, the ones with the passion are still breaking stereotypes and choosing the path for themselves.

Among them is the 4-year-old star Miah Dhanani, who is stunning the world with her talent and beauty. In such a tender age, the Pakistani-American model has already gotten the honour to be the face of reputed brands like Maria B in Pakistan.
Miah has only been in the field of modelling for a little over a year but has already garnered a massive following. Her fan base isn’t only restricted to Pakistan, but also has encouragers from across the world.

With 20k followers, Miah stuns us with her beautiful, graceful and decent traditional attire. With her style, she reflects the true essence of the beauty of the subcontinent and the culture here – embodying everything that sets us apart.

Here are some of the most beautiful shots of Miah, which will convince you to appreciate this talented little girl and her adorable attires! Here, have a look:

Still being a minor in the best phase to enjoy her life carelessly, Miah is representing Pakistan and is a known figure when it comes to child modelling. Achieving no less than her mature coworkers in the field, she has been featured in more than 20 magazines and has also modelled for over 25 commercials and shops.
Not only this, Miah has also walked the ramp of the prestigious and reputed New York Fashion Week to support a noble cause, making her the first of her age to do that.

Speaking to media, Miah said that she wants to walk the biggest ramp in future and is wishful of acting in films with her favourite hero – who is none other than Salman Khan.

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