Who Are We?

Challenge. Grow. Conquer.

Everyday is an opportunity to change.
Be the change.

We at Girls.Pk™ believe in the power of change. This platform aims to foster introspection within our female community.

The most popular design (of flowers/leaves) used for our Logo implies the blossoming of a new life -to grow & cultivate.
A henna design generally denotes a myriad of virtues:
Joy, Beauty, Femininity.
Holistically our logo is a symbol of prosperity and pays tribute to our local design culture.

The letter ‘G’ is a representation of not only Girls but it also connotes Growth and Resilience.

Over here, everyone is welcome.
We celebrate us all.

It’s no secret that women from all backgrounds in Pakistan face a unique set of challenges in the country, especially in its public spaces—both online and offline. With this in mind, we designed and furnished the Girls.pk platform to offer women all across the country a safe space online to engage in discourse that matters to them.

Girls.pk is a resource for women to help them navigate the obstacles they face, while empowering them to celebrate womanhood, have fun, and develop a sense of camaraderie with other women.In short, Girls.pk is by women for women to solve women’s problems together.

The Site

Just as we’ve created our logo —to reflect the local culture in Pakistan, we’ve created the site with different sections to reflect the issues that women face locally:

Body Positivity

Society’s outlook about women’s appearance can be quite cruel in Pakistan, and this category will offer a counter-narrative and analysis to help women accept their appearance and bodies.

Social Awareness

The standard nikkah contract offers women the right to a divorce, yet most women are unaware of this. This section will highlight many such issues to keep women informed of their rights and circumstance.

Physical & Mental Health

This section will present helpful health information that focuses specifically on the mental and physical health issues unique to women allowing them to reform their lives and health.


Makeup tips, recommendations, skin care routines, and a lot more! Learn and share the best ways to bring out your glow.


This section will focus on all the remaining interests of women—while introducing them to new ones to help them grow.

Join In

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